About Grenada

Grenada is a beautiful tropical island located just 12 degrees north of the equator in the Caribbean Sea. She enjoys a warm climate year round which is divided into only two seasons... the "Dry" season and the "Wet" or "Green" season. The drier season is a little less humid due to the stronger trade winds which blow at this time of the year, and the wetter or green season when Grenada usually receives a rain shower lasting about 20 or 30 minutes daily and usually culminating in a bright, sunny day. These rain showers are what keeps the island in vibrant colours eminating from the thousands of flowers and bushes, and keeps the mountains and rainforest in a coating of luscious green.

La Sagesse BeachGrenada has been blessed with some of the most natural beauty in the world. This beauty is represented in lush rainforests, and everywhere in bright flowers of all kinds including wild orchids, oleanders, Frangipani in several different colours (Grenada's national flower), Anthurium Lillies, Bird of Paradise, and of course many palm tree varieties. Grenada also harbours at least 25 separate kinds of birds including Macaws, parrots, Bananaquits, Doves, Finches, Egrets, Wrens and many more. The island can also brag that it has no poisonous snakes anywhere.

Grenada is enriched by the many mountains topped by Mt. St. Catherine at 2,756 feet, and which house at the last count at least 11 pretty waterfalls. The coasts of Grenada are lined by gorgeous beaches all around the island. Forty five white sand beaches and nine black sand beaches can be found in sheltered coves and reefed bays where you can swim, snorkel or dive to your heart's content.

Driving around the island with a tour guide or your own rented car is an absolute delight made into a photographers dream by each turn in the road. When you drive around a bend or over a hill, invariably you will be greeted by a new and vibrant scene as though an artist had painted it just for you.

Grenada also provides shopping in many boutiques and shops which provide crafts and clothes such as one of a kind Batiks, and lots of pottery which is made on the island. History has provided many sites in Grenada for you to explore that will take you from the early 1700s to present day filled with many events that have transpired on the island.

Spotted Eagle RayThe one very important item that should be brought to your attention are the many spices that grow on this fantastically lush island of Grenada. The more lucrative crops are made up of Nutmeg, Cocoa and Bananas with many exotic fruits including oranges, mangos of several varieties, soursop, guava, tamarind and golden apples.

The nutmeg spice deserves special mention as Grenada is the second largest producer (after Indonesia) of nutmeg in the world. There are more spices grown in Grenada per acre than anywhere else.

Grenada has much to offer with her great beauty, friendly people and natural assets. Investments are on the horizon at this time, and things will continue to change with an infusion of projects that are sure to come to these wonderful shores we call the Spice Island.

We invite you to venture out to see the island and meet the local people who are extremely friendly and helpful. We feel sure you will want to return once you see our special island, Grenada.